The first step is to fill in the VOLUNTEER APPLICATION FORM and send it to It will take a few minutes and give you the opportunity to tell us more about yourself, including about the required knowledge, experience and qualifications. It makes sense to fill out a form, although you may still not decided to travel at all. This way we can check whether there is a demand for your skills and start the process.

Each volunteer has unique set of experience and skills – they can be professional or not. You may have worked in small firms, have experience in working with young children, practical skills such as cooking; you may be qualified as a teacher or lecturer, as a nurse in pediatrics… Each volunteer is considered individually, ensuring the best possible match of your strengths with the needs of our projects.

Before you travel we will guide you through administrative matters that are necessary if you are travelling to The Gambia. We offer advice on vaccinations and health requirements, and in your stead organize flights and visas to enter the country. We are ready to assist you in preparing before you travel. When you arrive to The Gambia, our representative will take care of you. When you arrive, you will attend training on work and cultural awareness. The training will take up to two days and will help you to understand the culture and history of the country, in which you will be working, and allow you to connect with other volunteers.